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This School is headed by Prof. Bhupendra Kalsi, former Head of the Department of Hindi, Magadh University. This school is responsible for designing and developing differentcourse at Certificate, Diploma, Graduate and Post-Graduate levels in Indian and Foreign Languages. The school is also responsible for coordinating all the programmes under its jurisdiction, including the development of course material, its improvement and continuous upgradation, apart from organizing counselling classes and conducting all other students’related activities. Till date, the following programmes have been developed by this school:


1. M. A. in Bhojpuri.

2. M. A. in Hindi.

3. M. A. in Magahi.

4. M. A. in Maithili.

5. M.A. in Sanskrit.

6. M. A. in Urdu.

7. B. A.(Hons.) in Hindi.

8. Certificate Course in Bhojpuri.

9. Certificate Course in Magahi.

10. Certificate Course in Maithili.

11. Certificate Course in Pali.

12. Certificate Course in Prakrit.

13. Certificate Course in Sanskrit.

14. Certificate Course in Urdu.


This school is working hard to developed Post-Graduate course in English Literature.