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This school is responsible for designing, developing and coordinating all programmes in pure and agricultural sciences. Till date, this School has developed the following programmes:



At present there are five Coordinators in the School of Pure and Agricultural Sciences, namely, (i) Prof. (Dr.) B.K. Prasad, Retd. Prof. of Botany, Magadh University (ii)Prof. (Dr.) Himanshu Bhushan, Former H.O.D. Chemistry, Bhagalpur University, (iii) Prof.(Dr.) D.P. Sharma, Former Head of the Post Graduate, Department of Mathematics, D.M.College of Science, Imphal (iv) Prof. (Dr.) Deepak Kumar Sharma, Former Professor ofPhysics, Patna University and (v) Prof. (Dr.) Munindra Mohan, Retired Professor of Zoology, Patna University.Prof. (Dr.) B.K. Prasad is In charge of Botany subject from undergraduate to PostGraduate level, likewise Prof. Himanshu Bhushan is in exclusive charge of Chemistry and Prof. D.P. Sharma is in exclusive charge of Mathematics subject from Intermediate to Post Graduate level. Prof. Deepak Kumar Sharma is in charge of Physics subject and Prof. Munindra Mohan is made in charge of Zoology.