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Indology is a discipline, dealing with the study of Indian History, Literature, Philosophy, and Culture; with added emphasis on study of Ancient Indian History, Culture & Archaeology. The School of Indology has, till date, developed the following programmes:


1 M. A. in History.

2 B. A. (Hons.) in History.

3 B. A. (Hons.) in Tourism.

4 History as a Subject in Intermediate of Arts (I.A)

5 The Religion Based Certificate courses


The Certificate courses in various religions and beliefs have been developed to make people aware of the inherent strength of different religions and the way they have contributed to overall development of the human race and society. The University does believe that this will enable the people of different socio-religious background, in acountry like ours, to understand and appreciate viewpoints of others in a spirit ofmutual tolerance and understanding. Following are the Religion Based Courses:-


i. Certificate Course in Buddhist Studies.

ii. Certificate Course in Christian Studies.

iii. Certificate Course in Hindu Studies.

iv. Certificate Course in Islamic Studies.

v. Certificate Course in Jain Studies.

vi. Certificate Course in Sikh Studies.


This school is headed by Prof. (Dr) Niloo Singh, former Professor of History, J. D.Women’s College, Patna (Under Magadh University). The school is, now, working ondesigning and development of two new Post-Graduate programmes in Anthropology, and Philosophy.